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 Traditional Technology - Ion Exchange Water Softener


For years water treatment companies have offered water softeners to their customers and has been the popular choice to address hard water issues. The popularity of water softeners is mainly due to the fact that it was the only alternative to living with hard water problems. Water softeners or ion exchange systems substitutes hard water calcium minerals with salt minerals. While water softeners prevent hard water scale build-up, they also strip healthy minerals from your water while adding higher levels of sodium. High levels of sodium are also backwashed from the system down your drain into the Eco System, causing many municipalities to issue "salt bans", basically outlawing old technology water softeners in areas across the nation. In addition, ion exchange systems waste water back flushing and waste electricity due to their electric control valve and motors used to "regenerate" and power the back flushing cycle.


  • Prevents Hard Water Scale
  • Strips Calcium and Magnesium Minerals From Water
  • Raises Sodium Levels
  • Pollutes the Eco System With High Levels of Sodium
  • Uses Electricity
  • Wastes Water Through Backwashing
  • Creates a "Slimy  Feeling" On Skin
  • Requires Customer Maintenance
  • Frequent Repairs on Moving Parts and Control Valves



 Advanced Technology - Nano, T.A.C. Water Softener


Finally there is a better choice for addressing hard water issues. Nano Technology is a proven physical filtration system offered by professional water treatment experts, not a magnet or electronic impulse product sold by "widget" companies. The advanced science called Template Assisted Crystallization or T.A.C. systems utilize the process of physical transformation of hard water calcium at a molecular level. This system simply transforms hard water scale causing minerals into soft water scale minerals preventing and eliminating hard water problem without adding salt, wasting water and electricity. T.A.C systems meet and exceed Green Initiatives for residential and commercial applications, and are 100% effective.


  • Prevents Hard Water Scale
  • Leaves Calcium and Magnesium Minerals In Water
  • 100% Salt Free
  • Safe for the Eco System
  • 100% Non- Electric
  • No Backwashing Needed - Conserves Water
  • Does Not Create a "Slimy Feeling" on Skin
  • 100% Maintenance Free
  • Does Not Utilize Control Valves - No Moving Parts or Motors




Technology Comparison

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